Black Friday Survival Guide


Black Friday doesn’t have to be intimidating – triggering you with stress, fear and all things scary. 

Why? Because you can shop online with Cable & Co.! 

We’ve got the best deals and early bird specials for you to take advantage of from the safety of your home so that you can skip the crowds and focus on what really matters to you.

If you have to go out this Black Friday though, get up to speed with our Black Friday Survival Guide so that you can equip yourself for a safe and fruitful day out!


Believe it or not, most of the work is done before you even step out for Black Friday. Here is how your planning and prepping should go.

Ascertain your budget

Just because there are killer deals, doesn’t mean it's impossible to overspend. Avoid getting yourself into debt by setting a limit on your spending for the day.

Make a shopping list 

This is not your average shopping list. Look at all of the ads or even visit some stores to check out or fit on items before the Friday sale, so that you can recognise it easily if it goes on sale and can make a quick call on whether or not you’re taking it without needing to research the details first.

Create a game plan 

Once you have your shopping list, figure out your selected stores trading times, map out your route accordingly and create your stops based on your priority. This will also make sure you don’t overstay in some shops and completely miss out on others.

Pick a shopping buddy 

We all need an extra hand we can trust while out in the wilds of the Black Friday rush. Your buddy can drop you at the door so that you don’t have to waste precious time looking for a parking spot, and once you reunite, you can help each other carry all the items, hold place in the lines for each other, and just be that good old moral support.


On the Day

Wear strong & comfortable shoes 

Not only will you be on your feet the whole day, but you also stand a chance of getting stepped on in the hoards. Come to Cable & Co. for a functional, comfortable and stylish Merrell or a tough and classic Caterpillar to protect your feet throughout the day.

Stay hydrated & energised 

Keep water and snacks on you to make sure you can keep up without crashing halfway.

Double-check return policies

Make sure you check the return policies before making your purchase in case of changes to what you’re used to for Black Friday.

Save the environment

Avoid collecting a mountain of plastic bags by taking your own sustainable, reusable bags with you for all your Black Friday shopping.

Take every precaution

In the heat of the moment, don’t forget safety precautions like sanitising your hands and practising social distancing.

If this doesn’t sound like you and you’d rather avoid the crowds, opt for the online route at so that you can shop from the safety and comfort of your home and enjoy the best footwear selection without the hassle. 

We offer Merrell, Cat Footwear, Sebago and G.H. Bass & Co. – everything you need to live your most stylish life!

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