Embrace Autumn With Cable & Co.


As the weather turns chilly, the urge to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and a warm blanket beckons. But why stay inside...?

Autumn has so much to offer, such as that lovely crisp air and the gorgeous earthy hues in nature. Instead of completely hiding from this season, we think you should welcome it with open arms.

In this blog, we have put together some reasons to embrace the seasons, as well as a style guide to create the perfect wardrobe!

Reasons to Embrace Autumn

1. Stunning Landscapes

There is something so comforting about the warm, earthy colours you see during Autumn.

Leaves on the trees undergo a dramatic change, shifting from the luscious green to bright yellows, oranges, and reds. Seeing these colours contrasted against the clear blue skies, and highlighted by the soft Autumn sun, is a breathtaking sight that truly makes you appreciate the beauty of nature's seasonal palettes.

The best way to enjoy this beauty is to fully bask in it on a walk, or run, where you can inhale the crisp air, and take in all the fragrances of the seasonal flora.


2. Fashionable Layers

While this season does bring along some chilly weather, it is not too cold yet, where the big bulky clothes are required.

Instead, Autumn allows you to play around with light layering. Items such as knitted sweaters, wool scarves, flannel shirts, corduroy trousers/skirts, and the like, are all perfect pieces for layering and creating some elegant looks.


3. Seasonal Cuisine

In true foodie fashion, there are always signature dishes to look forward to, each season.

For many people, it’s the hearty root vegetables such as butternut, carrots, and beets, all of which pair beautifully with delicious roast chicken. Or the deliciously sweet pumpkin that we South Africans enjoy as a fritter.


Creating The Perfect Autumn Wardrobe

- Light layers: As mentioned above, Autumn is all about those light layers because, although the mornings can get quite cold, the warmth of the daytime sun is sure to keep you cosy. Therefore, you want to wear items that you can easily remove throughout the day, while still keeping your outfit looking complete.

Opt for polo neck t-shirts, or thin knit sweaters as your base. Next, add a light jacket, such as a trench coat, flannel, or shacket. These outer layers are known to be ideal for weather that is not too cool or too warm.

- Waterproof boots: Though not essential, a waterproof or water-resistant boot might just be a good idea during this season - especially if you are out and about early in the morning until late in the day.

In many regions, Autumn brings a lot of rainfall and moisture. That, together with the cooler temperatures, often means that grass and other walking spaces may remain dewy for longer periods of the day. Avoid wet socks, as a result of footwear comprising porous materials, by investing in durable, weather-appropriate footwear.

Our range of Cat Footwear offers a variety of boots that fit the Autumn weather requirements and aesthetic. The Bruiser 2.0 in the colour peanut, is an exceptional choice, as this stylish boot design perfectly fits in with the fashionable layered look of this season.

- Fun accessories: When there is an opportunity to accessorise, always take it!

This season allows you to have fun with many accessories such as scarves, gloves, socks, leg warmers, and headwear!

Be daring this season, when it comes to fashion. Perhaps you have a pair of funky socks you have been dying to wear, pair it with some G.H.BASS loafers, and make a statement!

In terms of jewellery, this season favours warm tones, so opt for gold or brassy pieces to match the warmth of the seasonal palette.


- Proper Activewear: For those of you who refuse to hibernate during the cold seasons, and instead will still be taking on those trails, we recommend investing in proper activewear.

This means active clothes that are moisture-wicking because this speeds up drying time and assists with regulating your body temperature. For example, Merrell’s Ascendancy Printed Tee is ideal to wear underneath a windbreaker for an early morning run.

Additionally, it is crucial to invest in footwear that is durable and provides ample traction for trails that may be slippery due to the cooler and wetter weather. Once again, Merrell boasts a variety of footwear that would fit the task. For example, the Morphlite is the ultimate versatile choice. This design offers runners a dual purpose, meaning that if you tend to switch between trail runs and road runs, the Morphlite works well for both!

Now that you have all the reasons to fully embrace this season, will you be ditching your chunky comforter, for an exploration of the gorgeous Autumn outdoors? Head to your nearest Cable & Co. store, and let us help you curate the perfect seasonal wardrobe to take you on your daily adventures.