Reasons To Invest In Quality Footwear


When it comes to fashion, the popular battle between quantity versus quality has existed for aeons!

And the answer to this may just be subjective, because perhaps you are the kind of person who simply loves the excess and has completely different footwear for every occasion. On the other hand, maybe you have convinced yourself that opting for the 'economical' option is better for your wallet. 

But perhaps our blog today may just change your mind as we delve into the reasons why investing in quality footwear is the better option.

1. It Is Cost Effective

Now this point may sound confusing because usually, better quality tends to be more expensive, right? But look at it this way: how often are you replacing lower-quality footwear? Sure, maybe with a high-quality shoe, you are spending a lot of money in one go, but it should be considered an investment because it is likely to last you years.

Whereas, purchasing the cheaper option now may seem better for your wallet, the odds are that you will need to replace it next season. This means that you'll end up spending the same amount of money, or even more, over a longer period of time. In other words, investing in a more expensive shoe can actually save you money in the long run.


2. It Is Better For Your Health

Foot health should never be overlooked. 

It does not matter if the lower quality footwear choice is significantly cheaper, by putting your foot health at risk, you risk harming various other aspects of your body, such as your spine, your joints, your hips, your knees, etc.

It is easy to look at the price of a product at face value, however, if you pause to consider all the leading factors, you will find that higher quality footwear tends to be pricier because the design has taken multiple factors into consideration – comfort being the top contender!

Therefore, a higher quality shoe will often be made with durable material, comfort technology, and breathability.

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3. It Completes A Look

Have you ever noticed how the right pair of shoes can make an outfit pop?
It's because people's eyes are naturally drawn to the face and feet when looking at an individual. This is why, if you want to impress, it's crucial to ensure that every aspect of your look is on point - starting with your shoes.

And there is no denying that good quality stands out significantly!

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4. It Shows Attention To Detail

What does 'attention to detail' mean?

It means you have taken the time to consider multiple factors, no matter how small or big. When purchasing a high-quality shoe, you don't only consider the aesthetic appeal, you take note of the material, the comfortability when trying them on, whether or not it is easy to put on, the price etc. A lot of thought goes into your decision on footwear and making that extra effort to complete your overall look, from head to toe, shows that you are someone who pays attention to detail.

In essence, this is a reflection of your personal standards, and it certainly stands out to people who view you.

Now that you have all the reasons for investing in high-quality footwear, let us show you some excellent options for this Winter season!

Lately, there’s been a lot of excitement around the chunky boot style – for that, we recommend the Hardwear Chelsea by Cat Footwear. You’ll also love that this boot is a pull-on, and unisex!

If you not looking to commit to a full-on boot, but want something in between, then we recommend the Alfonso by G.H.BASS. This footwear design is perfect for a more academic/sophisticated look.

We cannot possibly forget about our outdoor enthusiasts. For you, we recommend the Erie Mid LTR WP by Merrell. This hiking boot is ready to take you on your outdoor winter adventures, whilst still keeping you safe, and ensuring that you look good.

For the fashion-forward persons, who are looking for a bold statement boot, our Imposter HI Mesh by Cat Footwear is sure to impress. Once again, playing on the chunky look that we mentioned earlier, but with the addition of the lace, as well as the yellow detailing here and there, makes this design stand out.

Of course, if you are looking for something more specific, then pay us a visit in-store at your nearest Cable & Co., and our welcoming staff will help you find your pair of high-quality boots that is sure to offer you exceptional longevity!