The Top 5 Apps to Live Your Best Life


In a digital age, there are many extremes – from those who can’t get enough of their devices to those that haven’t gotten up to speed with them.
We’ve got the perfect balance through our list of apps to improve your life. We’re covering all of our lifestyle essentials so that we can conquer in every area. 

Here are our top 5 apps for merging reality and convenience.



Budget, Track & Invest Your Money Better

It’s easy to procrastinate budgeting until our bank balance reminds us just how important it actually is. Just like Cable & Co. is the place to go when you need a reliable and fashionable shoe, when you need a safe and secure budgeting app, 22seven is the way to go.

22seven does all of the admin for you by accessing all of your accounts to let you view them in one place. From here, you can set your budgets and the app will help you stick to them. Working with money can be daunting, and 22seven also provides relevant titbits of information to simplify your relationship with your money and invest.

This is your chance to be prepared for anything. Don’t forget to create a shoe budget while you’re at it – maybe even one specifically for boat shoes and loafers? 

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Daily Workouts: Daily Workouts

Exercise Fitness Workout Trainer

If 22seven has you reconsidering your gym budget, do not fear, we have just the app for you. 

Daily Workouts offers a range of exercises for everyone. Whether you only have 5 or 30 minutes to spare, there’s a simple easy-to-follow workout waiting for you. You can watch the accompanying video to make sure you’re on track, or you can use the app offline and follow the instructions. 

But make sure you’re wearing comfortable and functional shoes to attain your fitness goals.

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Organize team projects

If you’re failing to plan, you will be planning to fail. But a plan, alone, is not enough! Some monitoring and evaluating will go a long way, especially if you have the right partner.

We recommend this all-in-one organisational app for everything, from personal to-do lists, to project management of a full team of people. What makes Asana so versatile is that it syncs perfectly with the desktop version for your computer, making it your office buddy as well as your on-the-go companion (just like a good work shoe!). 

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Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs

Once you’ve got your goals and plans in motion, keep the rhythm going with a tailored playlist to motivate and inspire you.
Spotify simplifies music. With minimal effort from you, you can just press play and enjoy music that suits your taste and your vibe for the day. As a streaming app, Spotify makes your music available to you wherever, whenever – nothing should slow you down when you're on a mission.

Pick out a pair of dancing shoes to match from our wide range of styles.

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Sleep Sounds:

Relax & Sleep, Relaxing sounds

We’re not going to be able to conquer the world on an empty tank, so a good nights' rest is paramount to achieving a balanced lifestyle.
With Sleep Sounds, you can say goodbye to the tossing and turning and scrolling and swiping that comes along with insomnia. Choose from a variety of soothing sounds, or mix your favourites together, close your eyes, and enjoy some good quality rest and recuperation. Time to put your feet up.


So take control of your life with the right equipment with Cable & Co. – from shoes to apps and everything in between.