Your New Winter Wardrobe


Have you heard of the latest concept in minimalist fashion? 

Capsule wardrobes are collections of tops, bottoms and shoes which can be used interchangeably to create numerous different outfits. Made up of staples in fashion and style such as a simple shirt and black jeans, capsule wardrobes allow you to easily mix and match these in any number of ways to almost guarantee a timeless look.

Now, we all know that shoes are the foundation of any and every look – making them the most important component in your capsule wardrobe. That’s why we’ve put together some of our best shoes to base your wardrobe on, from winter to summer and back again, along with our recommendations for the best ways to style them.


Nothing says winter like a good boot.

Go for the quintessential tan Cat boot, or a more sleek black Cat chukka or Chelsea boot.

Pairs with:

  • Pants Black jeans (slim or skinny), blue jeans (slim or skinny) 
  • Tops Simple button-up shirt, denim shirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt, knitted jersey, thin jersey/cardigan
  • Jackets Leather jacket, coat, bomber jacket, casual blazer
  • Accessories  Matching leather watch, beanie, scarf, tie/bowtie

Photo Credit: DMARGE


Sneakers feel like home.

Depending on your personal style, you could go for a casual and comfy sneaker from Cat Footwear or Merrell, or even go for one from G.H. Bass one – with or without broguing – for a sophisticated touch.

Pairs with:

  • Pants Blue jeans (slim or skinny), chinos
  • Tops Sweatshirt, t-shirt, simple button-up shirt, denim shirt, thin jersey/cardigan
  • Jackets Casual blazer, leather jacket, bomber jacket
  • Accessories Baseball cap, feature socks, tie/bowtie

Photo Credit: Clem Onojeghuo

Formal Shoes

Formal shoes are more versatile than you think.

Why save these attractive shoes for special occasions only, when you can mix it up and wear them in a variety of unique and fashionable ways? Sebago and G.H. Bass have you covered in this department, with formal shoes for every style and personality.

Pairs with:

  • Pants Formal pants (tailored), chinos, dark jeans (slim or skinny)
  • Tops Simple button-up shirt, knitted jersey, thin jersey/cardigan
  • Jackets Blazer, coat
  • Other Full suit
  • Accessories Scarf, trilby hat, tie/bowtie, feature socks, alternative colour shoelaces

Photo Credit: Tamarcus Brown

So use the tools we’ve given you above and put together the winter capsule wardrobe that suits your unique dress sense.

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