The 3 Types of Socks Every Fashionista Needs


By now, you would have seen some really stylish looks showing off how socks can be used to add that extra finesse to your outfit. You’ve also certainly seen instances where this doesn’t quite go according to plan, looking horrendous. 

So we’ve put together a style guide for you to know which socks are staples and how to wear them best with the shoes they were meant for.

Secret Socks
Photo Credit: Brunei

1. Secret Socks

These socks go by many names – no-show socks, invisible socks, etc. Their ultimate purpose is to let you wear shoes that show your ankles, thereby looking as though you don’t have any socks on.

Some of the most fashionable shoes of all time fall into this category. For example, a classic Sebago boat shoe or GH Bass & Co. penny loafer.

Get some inspiration on the best way to style your loafers and secret socks in our blog, Style & Loafers Around the World.

This also works to give a clean look to sneakers paired with cropped pants, shorts, skirts or dresses. For example, the Merrell Alpine sneaker or Cat Footwear Code Collection.

Ankle Socks
Photo Credit: Dim

2. Ankle Socks

These are sporty! If you’re about to go for a run or head to the gym, the ankle sock (also known as a liner or low-cut sock) is there to provide cushioning in your shoe and sit just above the top of the shoe at the ankle. 

These are less about fashion and more about function, and pair perfectly with Merrell’s trail running and active lifestyle footwear if you aren’t going to be hiking or in an environment that can easily scratch your ankles. For that, go for thicker, athletic crew or mid-calf socks.

3. Crew Socks & Mid-Calf Socks

Crew socks and the slightly-higher mid-calf socks are where the creativity in fashion begins. There are 4 options for using these socks to their full potential.

Traditional Gentleman
Photo Credit: India Mart

Traditional Gentleman

Before we can go into the ways you can use these socks to play around with quirky styling, we must know the general rule of thumb for pairing socks with pants and shoes: Always match your sock to the colour of your pants. 

Blue jeans? Blue socks! Grey suit pants? Grey socks! You get the picture. Even though it isn’t always possible to match the exact tones, having the closest colour palette is what you need if you aren’t trying to use your socks as a fashion statement. Although even this simple trick very clearly states that you know what you’re doing with your wardrobe. 

Classic With A Twist
Photo Credit: Kohls

Classic with a Twist

If bold colours aren’t your thing and neither is the traditional look, you can still express your creativity by using patterned socks in shades which still match your pants.

The Sock Statement
Photo Credit: Bold Socks

The Sock Statement

When you want heads to turn when you walk in the room, when you want to be remembered long after you leave – you make sure your socks make a statement.

For smart casual to formal settings with shoes from GH Bass & Co. or Sebago, make sure you avoid silly socks with icons of food or brands and other novelty symbols on them. Opt, instead, for bright colours and more sophisticated patterns to be bold in a more chic way.

If you’re nervous about your socks coming across as too arbitrary, use the other accent colours in your outfit as a guide for colours which will work to make your socks pop while still fitting in. Alternatively, take a monochromatic outfit and inject a second colour through your socks!

Well-Considered Casual
Photo Credit: Grumpy Monkey

Well-Considered Casual 

All the above rules can be used in a casual outfit with your favourite sneakers and trainers, too. What also works with sneakers are athletic crew or mid-calf socks. And if you want to still make use of those novelty socks with pizzas and pineapples on them, this is where you can! Can you imagine pizza socks with the GH Bass & Co. Graduate Brooks II Drill sneaker? 

Let your socks stand out by pairing them with shorts, dresses, skirts, and cropped or folded-up jeans and chinos. If you’re discerning, you can even make boat shoes work in this extra casual format.

Stay on trend with the Cat Intruder, which pairs incredibly with a white sock to manifest the latest in youthful fashion.

What is most important when thinking about socks is that you wear them to reflect your unique personality and have fun while doing so. 

Now that you know how to style and match your socks to your outfit, don’t forget to make sure everyone can see them in all their glory with a good pin roll.

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